CreaseStream Auto Feed MkII

CreaseStream Auto Feed MkII

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Eliminates cracking on stocks ranging from 100-400gsm Fully automated Easy to set & operate Can produce up to 5 crease/micro-per! applications in a single pass Can be retro-fitted with our FoldStream plough unit to gently fold creased/micro-perforated products Description CREASESTREAM AUTO-FEED Mk II CREASING MACHINE Simple-to-use desk-top creaser produces output three times faster than low-end handle or foot pedal versions. The CreaseStream Auto feed Mk II is a modified version of the previous model, taking a higher stock load of up to 9cm thanks to a specially designed auto fan sheet separator which aids continuous feed consistency. This version outputs a steady average of up to 4,500 sheets per hour regardless of whether it applies just one crease or micro-perforation or a combination of 5 applications in a single pass. Two tools are Included as standard, choose from either 2 x creasing or 1 x creasing & 1 x micro-perforating, with options to add more (tools) if requested.