Bacciottini Pit Stop DG Line

Bacciottini Pit Stop DG Line

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High speed quality creasing @ 8K / hr. Suction feed pump system Creasing on products up to 400 gsm. Description PIT STOP DG LINE Creaser and Perforator Automatic perforating/scoring machine with shallow pile feeder for continuous feeding. The DG Line is ideal for companies who offer ‘print on demand’ and who expect high quality products from digitally printed stock with fast and simple operation. The format is adapted to digital and also book covers (books on demand) with extension 50 x 85, without extension (standard 50 x 70). It is also possible on the DG Line to attach a standard perforating kit (optional extra) which can be be programmed directly from the display. This machine now runs at 8,000 sheets/hr


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