Pit Stop Flash

Pit Stop Flash

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Fully automatic B2 die cutting & creasing machine Can be equipped with laser or rotary cutting head Description PIT STOP FLASH AUTOMATIC Creaser and Laser Cutter This unique solution has been developed for digital & traditional printing companies who are looking to die cut & crease products without the use of a traditional die. FLASH uses either a laser or blade cutting head & separate creasing station, making it a fully versatile, flexible system for sampling and producing short medium size runs. The operator friendly lap-top display together with its high pile feeder and delivery ensure operators can easily set up the machine to run automatically with very little additional intervention. The printed sheets are first taken into the creasing station using our special creasing and counter creasing technology; perfect creases are produced reducing fibre cracking to give a perfect result. On positioning the product into the creasing station a camera reads a print mark and positions the head optimizing the processing cycle start point with perfect registration every time. The creased sheet is transported into the laser or blade cutting head and following sheets can be fed automatically into the creasing station. Whilst creasing is being carried out on one head the cutting operation is being carried out on the other doubling the machines output speed. After the cutting has been completed products are automatically transported onto the high pile output delivery ensuring continuous production.


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