Pitstop / Athos Creasing & Double-Sided Taping Production system

Pitstop / Athos Creasing & Double-Sided Taping Production system

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PIT STOP AF HIGH SPEED & ATHOS MINI TAPING MACHINES Creasing & Taping production system The new Pitstop AF High-Speed creasing system in combination with an Athos mini taping machine is the perfect flexible solution for speeding up the creasing & taping process. The two machines can run independently or together when the need arises making it the perfect solution for anything from personalised sleeves to header cards. Since the development of the initial AF SPEED project, we have significantly improved the accuracy, reliability and overall strength of the machine. Building on the technological and sales successes in many of the world’s largest markets, this project has been taken to take this machine model to the next level. A new generation of machines has been developed by adding some of the latest drive technologies, increasing production speed and using a touch screen to program the machine. The Athos Mini machine is designed to apply double-sided tape with a manual system on formats up to 500 x 500 mm. The applicator head is adjustable in height and can be fitted to the left or right side of the machine. The setup and programming of the tape length is easily done via our intuitive touch screen display. The machine is equipped with 1 Rap tape application head as a standard with manual infeed & collection box with a side alignment for easy sheet delivery.


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