Bacciottini Pit Stop Pulsed Perforation unit

Bacciottini Pit Stop Pulsed Perforation unit

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Description PIT STOP PULSED PERFORATION UNIT Perforation Machine The Pulsed perforation machine is an independent unit which allows the vertical perforation of products. This device can be assembled to run in line to all automatic creasing and perforating machines. The paper is fed from the creasing machine and transported by an alignment table with a sloping belt and ball cage towards the pulsed perforation assembly ensuring perfect registration. The perforation heads can easily be added as required and mounted onto the pneumatically driven unit. These perforations can be continuous or pulsed, the distance and the time of the pulse can simply have adjusted using the measure settings on the touchscreen display panel. Perforated paper is then delivered onto the collector delivery output unit. The machine is mobile (on wheels) making it easy to move in and out of production as required.


ManufacturerPit Stop