Samed Darix S Entry level casemaker

Samed Darix S Entry level casemaker

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  • Vacuum table
  • Central light for printing reference
  • Manual positioning system two outer boards and spine
  • Turning in system with free roller
  • Corner cutting device mounted on the side of the table
  • Machinery mounted on wheels to allow easy movement
  • Programmable timer for heating ignition
  • Maximum format 460mm x 900mm
  • Does not require compressed air

DARIX S Entry-level case maker

Case Making Machine

Are you looking for an efficient and reliable case-making machine for your bookbinding business? Look no further than the Darix "S" semi-automatic case-maker machine! 

Designed for making traditional book covers and photo books, the Darix "S" is a simplified version of the Darix Standard that offers the perfect balance between manual use and mechanical automation. It's ideal for small runs with frequent size changes, making it the perfect choice for those who are new to the market or those who want to gain practice. 

With the Darix "S", you'll enjoy a range of features, including a vacuum table, central light for printing reference, manual positioning system with two cartons and spine, turning-in system with a free roller, and a corner-cutting device mounted on the side of the table. Plus, it's mounted on wheels, allowing for easy movement. 

What's more, the Darix "S" provides a programmable timer for heating ignition and can handle a maximum format of 460mm x 1000mm. Best of all, it does not require compressed air, making it a low-maintenance and cost-effective solution for your bookbinding needs. 

Invest in the Darix "S" semi-automatic case-maker machine today and experience high-quality output, easy operation, and exceptional value for your bookbinding business.


ManufacturerSamed Innovazioni
ModelDarix S
Hot melt glueing unit (optionalviscosity control)