Samed Darix Evolution Light Casemaking Machine

Samed Darix Evolution Light Casemaking Machine

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Semi-automatic set-up with automatic size setting Up to 4 cases per minute

DARIX EVOLUTION LIGHT Case Maker In addition to the features on the Darix Standard, the Evolution Light has a second turning-in station at right angles to the first unit. Once the head and foot sides have been turned in, the cover is transported to the right to turn in the second two sides. This enables the product to clear the first unit and produce the next cover. Vacuum belts on the infeed table ensure the accurate positioning and movement of the case, giving a running speed of 4 cases per minute. The Darix machines can also be fitted with an automatic viscosity control for the glue system. This continually monitors the glue's viscosity from the colour touch-screen display and automatically adds water to ensure consistent performance without operator intervention.