Peroni Mag 40 (magnet application)

Peroni Mag 40 (magnet application)

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Automatic hot melt gluing Fully automatic magnet & Steel plate placement Upto 40 pieces/minute (with 2 magnets)

MAG 40 Fully Automated Magnet Application Machine Fully automatic machine to groove board seats and apply 2 or 4 magnets using hot-melt adhesive. Board cases and magnets are fed from each feeders automatically & delivered onto the final collecting unit. 1. The operator places the pile of cardboards in the automatic feeder which takes one piece at a time and moves it to the next unit. 2. After the cardboard is fed, the machine partially drills the board and sucks in the dust, thus preparing the seat/s where the magnet will be laid down. 3. After this first work phase, the cardboard comes to the second unit where the glue is sprayed into the previously made bottom seat/s. 4. In the third unit, magnets are taken from their feeder, conveyed and positioned in the glued board seats. 5. At this point the transport system moves forward bringing the cardboard onto the automatic conveyor tape.


ManufacturerPeroni Ruggero