Peroni UFC 30 – UFC 60

Peroni UFC 30 – UFC 60

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Automatic cutting of elastic, ribbon or cord & applying of metal tags for easy threading into a variety of applications Easy operation Description Peroni UFC 30 – UFC 60 LINES FOR ELASTIC FOLDERS AND SMALL CASES WITH SNAP FASTENERS Electro-pneumatic unit to fasten 2 rounded metal tags onto elastic bands, cords and ribbons up to 40 mm width Used Materials: Round/Flat elastic band, Cord and Ribbons,  Metal tags PE 22-N2 or PE 27-N2  Elastic diameter (30-unit): 1 mm up to 3 mm Flat elastic width (30-unit): 5 mm Cord diameter (60-unit) : 3 mm up to 7 mm – Textile ribbons min 15 mm to max 40 mm (depending on the consistency of the material) Capacity: up to 35 cycles/minute (depending on the length of the final product) Electrical power req.: 1 Kw Compressed air: 400 NL/min. (pressure 7 bar) Overall dimensions: L=1900mm W=900mm H=1900mm


ManufacturerPeroni Ruggero