MegaCoat XL 50 UV Coating machine

MegaCoat XL 50 UV Coating machine

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  • Available in 50-inches
  • Process speed to 70 fpm
  • UV process-ready indicator
  • Digital speed controls ensure repeatable performance
  • Advanced curing unit design features a parabolic reflector and short-run-out engineering
  • Scraper blade system prevents the coating from transferring to the bottom of prints
  • Nip adjusts up to 1.5 inches, and can coat substrates up to 1.25 inches thick
  • UV light shield
  • 12-month Parts Warranty
  • Peristaltic pump
  • Custom feeders and receiving tables available on request
  • Modular roll-to-roll designed stations
  • Offset, Gerber, Mimaki, OCE, HP Syntex, Epson, Gandi Design, Canon, Any other inkjet technology
  • UV-curable roll-fed and flatbed printers
  • Solvent roll-fed models
  • Eco-solvent roll-fed models
  • Latex printers

Looking for a reliable solution to give your large printing materials a high-quality finishing touch? Look no further than the MegaCoat XL 50 UV Coating machine by TEC Lighting. This machine is designed to accommodate your sizable product needs and wide-format coating demands. From posters to custom graphic displays, it offers a professional UV solution that ensures precise coating up to 50 inches. 

Not only is the MegaCoat XL a high-speed piece of equipment, but it is also affordable without sacrificing quality. TEC Lighting Technology guarantees systemic accuracy that provides only the best in aesthetic perfection.


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