MB Multipage Mailer

MB Multipage Mailer

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Description The MB multipageMAILER is the ideal solution for producing individual letters with matching outer envelopes in a single pass. The system first feeds sheets and accumulates them together by means of a cut sheet preloader, continuous form roll, or direct from a digital printing system. A timed slitting unit side trims the letters to make up the contents, whereas the outer envelope sheet retains its original size. The application of cold glue reliably seals the complete document making it 100 % tamper-proof. Processing is made possible by a patented accumulator which collects the different elements of the mailing before folding to its final size in the fully automatic folding system prestigeFOLD NET. The integrated fold unit can also be used for normal folding jobs, thus achieving the maximum flexibility of the system. Intelligent machine control and touch screen operation make folding easy, the use of a camera system in connection with a diverter guarantees permanent security during the entire production cycle ensuring only perfect documents reach the delivery table. The multipageMAILER system opens up new approaches for the production of personalised print on mailings by designing an individual envelope that can be adapted to its contents maximizing the advertising message and consequently leading to significantly higher response rates.


ManufacturerMathias Bauerle