Samed Photofast Hot Melt / Cold Glue

Samed Photofast Hot Melt / Cold Glue

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Quick changeover & set up via touch screen display Layflat binding using hot melt or PVA glue Photographic papers can be easily produced Description PHOTOFAST HOT MELT OR COLD GLUE The Photofast layflat binder is a simple automatic gluing machine able to glue pre-folded photos, with the insertion of a support board (if required). The machine has two separate and independent hoppers for automatic feeding, one for feeding the photos and one for the backing boards. The machine can be supplied with cold or hot gluing systems to suit the operation. The glued sections are collected in a pressing station to form the completed book block. This gives a perfect lay flat opening book with uninterrupted panoramic pages. The Photofast is an ideal machine for forming professional photo books up to large sizes, digital albums, photographic blocks and childrens books.