D & K Comet (encapsulator)

D & K Comet (encapsulator)

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Large 260mm diameter teflon coated pre heat rollers for high speed scratch free results High Speed encapsulator Easy To use PLC control Description COMET ENCAPSULATING MACHINE The Comet is a high speed industrial modular encapsulator allowing it to be used with a range of feeders and cutters. The features of the Comet allow for fast make readies and scratch free results. The easy to use plc controls incorporate a modem link for remote diagnostics. Pneumatic operation of all rollers allow differing pressures on nip and pull rollers. Individual temperature adjustment of all rollers facilitate the use of specialist films. Large 260mm diameter Teflon coated pre-heat rollers and 75mm heated nip rollers with an advanced rubber compound give maximum heat transfer for high speed, scratch free results.


ManufacturerD & K