CreaseStream Quick Feed MkII

CreaseStream Quick Feed MkII

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Eliminates cracking on stocks ranging from 100-400gsm Simply turn the handle to drive the feeder and activates the tooling shaft Easy to set & operate Includes special auto-fan feed sheet separator Tooling section can hold a combination of up to 5 creasing/micro-perforating tools CREASESTREAM QUICK FEED MKII Creasing Machine Quick feed Mk II is a modified version of the previous model, taking a higher stock load of up to 9cm thanks to a specially designed auto fan sheet separator which aids continuous feed consistency. This innovative model is unique in that it does not rely on a motor or electrical input yet can accurately output at speeds more associated with fully automated solutions. Just load the sheets into the feeding section and turn the handle at whatever speed feels comfortable, and simply top up more stock as you go! Two tools are included a,s standard, choose from either 2 x creasing or 1 x creasing & 1 x micro-perforating, with options to add more (tools) if requested.