2018 Pit Stop Refurbished Pitstop FM High Speed


2018 Pit Stop Refurbished Pitstop FM High Speed


High-speed quality creasing @ 14,000 per hour 3 phase Suction feed pump system Creasing on products up to 600 gsm.

Description PIT STOP FM SPEED Creaser and Perforator Machine The Pit Stop FM Speed creasing machine creates letterpress quality creasing and perforating on all types of digitally printed work. The rise and fall platen creasing action enables positive accurate creasing on stock from 60 up to 600gsm at up to 14,000 sheets / hour. A 200 location programme memory with a quick and easy setup of up to 100 creases per sheet is standard on the machine. A Wiro binding punch and two or four hole drill punch can be fitted for further flexibility. It is also possible to fit a micro perforating tool for high quality micro perforating.


ManufacturerPit Stop
ModelRefurbished Pitstop FM High Speed