Refurbished Bacciottini Pitstop Butterfly easy 2 fold

Refurbished Bacciottini Pitstop Butterfly easy 2 fold

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Introducing the PITSTOP BUTTERFLY Heavyweight Folding Machine - the ultimate solution for efficient folding!

This machine is designed to easily handle heavy-weight materials with its BUTTERFLY Easy 2 Fold folding unit. The folding unit performs two parallel folds using special knife units, ensuring that your folds are distortion-free, even when folding against the grain. With this machine, you can now fold sheets up to 450gsm with minimum fuss!

The machine's user-friendly colour touchscreen display has several pre-programmed folding layouts, making it easy to set up and get started. You'll be able to complete your work quickly and efficiently, thanks to this machine.

To ensure that your finished product is reliable and consistently shingled, this machine features a pulsed delivery belt with a pressing roller. Your finished product will look perfect every time, with no exceptions.

The BUTTERFLY Easy 2 Fold is mounted on wheels for easy portability, making it the perfect machine for businesses of all sizes. With its heavy-duty design, this machine is built to withstand even the most demanding environments.

Invest in the PITSTOP BUTTERFLY Heavyweight Folding Machine today and experience the ultimate in efficiency and accuracy. You won't be disappointed with its performance.


ManufacturerBacciotini / Pitstop
ModelButterfly fold unit