2019 Pit Stop Pitstop AF High Speed

2019 Pit Stop Pitstop AF High Speed

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  • High speed quality creasing @ 10.5K / hr.
  • 3 Phase suction feed pump system
  • Creasing on products up to 600 gsm.

Introducing the PIT STOP AF HIGH-SPEED Creasing Machine—the ultimate solution for high-speed, high-quality creasing at a stunning 10.5K per hour. With its powerful 3-phase suction feed pump system, it effortlessly handles products weighing up to 600 gsm. 

At the forefront of technology, our team has continuously improved the machine's accuracy, reliability, and overall strength since its initial development under the AF SPEED project. We are proud to have expanded its success in various large markets worldwide. 

The latest generation of machines features new drive technologies, increased production speed, and a user-friendly touchscreen for seamless programming. Get your hands on the PIT STOP AF HIGH-SPEED Creasing Machine today and experience the ultimate in creasing technology. The creasing Machine is capable of high-speed quality creasing at 10.5K/hr. It uses a 3-phase suction feed pump system and can crease products up to 600 gsm. 


ManufacturerPit Stop
ModelPitstop AF High Speed