Nagel Citobarma single head paper drilling machine

  • Unique quick-release FlexoDrill sliding table.
  • Suitable for drilling paper, cardboard, plastic, textiles, leather etc.
  • 6 preprogrammed hole patterns set-up within a second.
  • Additional tabulator bar with interchangeable stops for individual programs.
  • Paper width up to 470 mm.
  • Throat depth up to 105 mm.
  • Smooth drilling process.


The Nagel Citobormas are known worldwide as the industry standard for single or twin spindle drills. The Citoborma 90 drills cover a wide range of applications and are remarkably user-friendly. The  Citoborma 190 comes equipped with a single spindle, with a variable distance sliding table for any combination of holes to be drilled. This machine is a treadle operated version by a foot treadle & keen be seen in operation in our showroom.