Pitstop OXO Multiskill high speed creasing & folding solution

  • Creasing & folding up to 400gsm @ 9,000 sheets per hour
  • 7 pre-programmed folds for standard work
  • Other folds are freely programmable
  • Platen style creasing machine integrated inline
  • Creasing/perforating and folding in a single pass


Pitstop OXO Multiskill

High-speed creasing & folding system

OXO MULTISKILL, the compact creasing and folding machine with an automatic non-stop loading feeder, is the result of a fusion using operating and quality concepts from the hugely successful PIT STOP creasing and perforating machines and BUTTERFLY folding units. The OXO MULTISKILL keeps unchanged the underlying features of robust build quality and reliability which are typical of
all Bacciottini Group products.
With few simple operations, OXO MULTISKILL can switch from a normal creasing machine to a creasing/folding unit. The seven-inch touch screen display panel allows an operator an easy intuitive job set up and quick change over between modes. Once in the folding machine mode after the fold type, sheet length and paper thickness have been selected, the machine adjusts automatically ready for production. Additional supplementary creases can be added along with ones necessary for the folding of a product.
Like all Bacciottini Group creasing machines, OXO MULTISKILL allows a quick tool change over from the creasing to perforating just in few seconds. Once the work has been completed, the collection table of the folded sheets can be lowered to maximize the space, and at the same time, the collector delivery can be placed into the support section within the machine.