Refurbished 2005 PrestigeNet 52 6 automatic folding machine with KF 31 small format attachment + SKM 36 stacker

  • 2005 machine completely overhauled
  • Automatic Feeder, Fold plate & roller pressure set up
  • 20 pre-programmed folds
  • Other folds are freely programmable
  • Program memory for 200 repetitive jobs
  • Fold unit with 6 fold plates
  • KF 31 2 plate small format manual fold unit
  • SKM 36 small format stacker


Simple operation, very short set-up times and optimal results through fully automatic setting from the feeder to the delivery unit.

Starting with the unfolded sheet size, the chosen type of fold and paper thickness is measured by the paper thickness sensor, the computer control calculates the positions of the various setting elements and adjusts them accordingly.

Intelligent machine control and touch screen operation simplify the folding process. The central touch screen panel allows easy operator adjustment for most of the main machine settings keeping manual interference to a minimum.

Automatic settings for:

  • Feeder
  • Folding plates
  • Folding plate deflectors
  • Alignment rails
  • Folding rollers
  • Delivery unit

This machine will also be supplied with a 3-month parts & labour warranty.