Refurbished MB CAS 52 Dat 24 44 online folding unit



Fully automatic set up of the folding plates and deflectors. User-friendly operator panel for easy setting of the roller using the on-screen prompting menu system. Has the ability to store 60 jobs enabling the machine to be reset to any imposition within 30 seconds. Equipped without a feeder and a double alignment rail infeed allows easy fitting to a Pitstop creasing unit, digital printer or continuous stationery guillotine. A paper track control system offers a sophisticated electronic jam & double detection system. The unit comes equipped with four folding plates on the first unit followed by a CAS 52 cross-fold unit equipped with four folding plates, a right-angled infeed unit and AM 52 pulsed delivery unit.

This machine is supplied with a 3-month parts & labour warranty.