Hang 114-30 4 head paper drilling machine

  • Maximum stack height – 65mm
  • Insert depth (Edge distance) – 6 – 85mm
  • Table size – 600 x 480mm
  • Net weight – 400kg
  • Inching mode
  • Smooth drilling process.



The machine is in good working condition.  The Hang paper drill was first installed in June 2002.

This model is the 114-30 equipped with an additional variable spindle speed setting and drill speed indicator.  This is a great feature for operators when they are drilling difficult stock such as thick paper, plastic or leather.  It has a variable speed of 260rpm up to 1800 rpm.  The machine also ticks over when idle instead of running at full speed, saving energy and noise.  Drilling diameters range from 3mm – 14mm and hole distance on the page can go from as small as 36mm – 260mm.  Both hole distance and drilling depth can be adjusted easily by hand.  Drill heads can be moved by quick adjustment and the table lift speed can be adjusted from 2 strokes per minute up to 22 per minute.  The back gauge and side lays are both quick to adjust with a number box to easily recall measurements, as well as having a fine adjuster.

The drilling process is performed by foot pedal.

The machine runs on 3 phase power and is on wheels making it easy to move and store away when not in use.