Pitstop FM or DH with PrestigeNet 52

  • 20 folds pre-programmed standard folds
  • Other folds are freely programmable
  • 200 job programme memory
  • platen style creasing machine integrated inline
  • Creasing/perforating and folding in a single pass


Pitstop FM or DH with PrestigeNet 52

High speed creasing & folding system

A typical problem when folding digital print or other delicate materials is the cracking of the toner layer along the folding line. Creasing considerably reduces or eliminates cracking, the Pitstop creasing technology uses a variety of creasing types to stretch paper fibres reducing cracking and ensuring perfect finished products.

The unique combination of a Pit Stop FM single head or DH Double head creasing system can be integrated with the fully automatic MB PrestigeNet 52 folding machine. The intuitive MB Touch screen display allows an operator to set up both the creasing & folding unit automatically with various settings for fold / crease position & roller pressure setting.